Why You Should Maintain Your Vehicle’s Tires


Cars are expensive items to own and maintain. After the initial purchase, the cost of insurance, gas, regular maintenance, and tires amounts to significant ongoing expenses. When the car breaks down or needs new tires and public transportation isn’t an option, vehicle owners have no choice except to find a way to pay the costs. Good tires are essential for a safe ride in any climate. Mechanics in the south call worn tires maypops because they may pop at any time. It’s best to perform regular inspections and replace the tires before a more costly emergency occurs.

An easy way to check the tires is to place a penny in the most worn part of the tread. If you can see the top of Abraham Lincoln’s head, for your safety and that of your passengers, it’s time to replace the tires.

Four tires are an expensive outlay and more so if an alignment is needed. If cash is tight, investigate the short-term financing options available that loan company Mississippi, such as payday loans or loans that use your car as collateral. If using your car as collateral, the company will hold your car’s title until you pay off the debt. Often financially, it’s tempting to purchase only one or two tires. That may not be the best decision, especially if all the tires are the same age and show signs of wear. If the tires are unequally worn, a wheel alignment may be necessary. A respected shop will be able to give you the best advice.

Do your homework. With both tires and alignment, compare prices at several shops to get the best deal. You’ll need to know the size of your tires and then compare brands, models, pricing, warranty, and any additional benefits. Always ask about discounts and specials. Stores routinely offer discounts for the military, federal employees, seniors, and other industries. Another popular option is to shop at one of the member warehouse clubs. If you are a member, check and see what they offer. When replacing all four tires, most shops offer free tire rotations. Ensure the shop you choose is conveniently located since rotating your tires at regular intervals will help keep them from uneven wear.

Good tires are essential for a safe ride. Though expensive, if you monitor your tires and replace them before they become an issue, you can avoid the cost of a roadside repair and tow.

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