What Every Car Head Needs to Know About Rear Spoilers


Upgrading with a rear spoiler is not just about smartening up your car. It may look sleek and stylish, but it’s more than just that. Every car enthusiast will agree if we say that spoilers have their own purpose. That’s why you have to be wise about what to buy and get installed on your ride.

If you’re just a newbie in the game and you’re wondering what’s the big deal about spoilers, specifically rear spoilers, this piece is for you.

What are rear spoilers?

Rear spoilers are one of the most popular upgrades for race cars for several decades. It rose to fame in the racing world during the 1960sand 70s. While most car enthusiasts argue that rear spoilers can help optimize all kinds of cars including the normal ones, there’s no denying that rear spoilers were specifically made for racing. At least, at first.

But nowadays, you can upgrade your car with a rear spoiler even if it’s not built for racing. The car modification industry has grown so much that car parts have become widely accessible to every enthusiast who just wants a piece of beauty on their car.

How do rear spoilers improve your ride’s performance?

Like we’ve said a while ago, rear spoilers are more than just an accessory to your car. Yes, it can make your car look sporty and flashy enough to turn heads, but the purpose of rear spoilers go way beyond style.

To understand how rear spoilers improve your car’s performance, you must understand first the concept of downforce and drag.

Downforce – it’s your car’s ability to grip the road or track efficiently to make the whole riding experience stable.

Drag – on the other hand, it’s the resistance created by the air and pressure surrounding the car, holding it back and limiting it to certain speeds.

We don’t know if you’ve noticed, but downforce is present even during a regular drive. Anytime your car speeds up too fast, air and pressure gather around your car, lifting it off the ground. This is not something you’d wish to happen because you’d certainly have a hard time maneuvering it.

This is where the rear spoilers come into play. These body kit parts boost your car’s downforce especially if you’re going for 100 kph and above. Rear spoilers also take the drag off your car by breaking the airflow that surrounds the vehicle when speeding up.

So, should you upgrade with rear spoilers?

While sprucing up your car with rear spoilers will certainly improve your car’s performance and make it sleeker, it doesn’t mean that you have to pursue the upgrade right away. That’s because there are a lot of things to consider when upgrading your car.

Below are only some of the things that you should consider before sprucing up your car with rear spoilers:

Warranty – it’s one of the very first things to look into before buying any type of body kit. Your car’s warranty will ultimately dictate whether you can upgrade your ride with rear spoilers or not.

While these types of kits are relatively easy and safe to install in almost every car, you should still ask your dealer or read your warranty papers to see whether there’s a provision in your contract regarding upgrades and customisations.

This way, you can transform your car into a head-turner without disqualifying its warranty.

Car age – it’s also a factor that can hinder you from getting those spoilers. because admit it or not, older cars can break more easily than the newer cars. It’s just the way it is. That’s why you might need to consult the experts and auto shops that sell rear spoilers to see whether your car can take the process or modification or not.

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