Volkswagen Tiguan X Leaked Online Ahead Of Official Debut


Volkswagen is set to unleash the Tiguan X in China this year, and its pictures have leaked on the internet before its release. The Volkswagen Tiguan X was originally built for the Chinese market, but is planned to be sold in certain European countries as well as in 2021. In terms of style, it was presented in the same manner as the Volkswagen Nivus Coupe SUV with a tapered roofline and a revamped rear profile similar to the regular SUV.

The profile appears nearly similar to the Tiguan and the outline of the C-Pillar. The rear layout seems to be influenced by the Lamborghini Urus, particularly in the way the taillights were built and there are fake exhaust tips incorporated into the cladding below. The rear track also seems to be narrower than the Tiguan line. On the inside, expect the Tiguan X to share the style and all-black interiors with the Tiguan along with the list of features.

Under the bonnet, we assume the Tiguan X to produce the Tiguan 2.0-litre, four-cylinder engine, which will be available in two tune states – 187 bhp and 220 bhp. The Volkswagen Tiguan X will be manufactured locally in China by the FAW-Volkswagen JV, and we don’t expect it to arrive in India anytime early. That said, the Tiguan model, which was replaced by the Tiguan All-Space seven-seater in our market, is scheduled to come back in 2021.

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