V2X trials must lead to mass deployment, says industry forum


5G-based vehicle connectivity will usher in a wave of new functionality. While many solutions will make driving easier or more enjoyable, the industry has focussed its attention on improving road safety. This has required a wide range of stakeholders across multiple industries to form closer ties.

In the pursuit of deploying real-world solutions at scale, an independent forum was needed to bring all parties in one room and moderate proceedings. The 5G Automotive Association (5GAA), a cross-industry organisation formed in 2016, has been doing just that. Not only has it produced a 2030 roadmap for cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) connectivity, it has also coordinated real-world testing of new safety features in several European cities.

Johannes Springer is Director General of the 5GAA and is tasked with managing the group’s 130 members, including automakers, Tier 1s, tech companies and telecommunications companies (telcos). He brings a wealth of experience to the board from his time at Deutsche Telekom, where he currently runs the company’s 5G Automotive Programme. Automotive World sat down with Springer to discuss the importance of cross-industry collaboration, the basics of setting up a real-world pilot, and how V2X can revolutionise road safety.

V2X can help to protect vulnerable road users

The 5GAA recently attended the ITS conference in Hamburg. What were the organisation’s key messages at the event?



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