Top Low Cost Desktop Gift Ideas for Business Promotion


Corporate gift-giving has been seen to be a source of motivation for employees. It is a culture or rather a way of appreciating the employees for their hard work and dedication they put into their work to achieve some company goals. So, many firms have taken up this noble culture to make workplaces a happy place for everyone. It is seen quite clearly that these reputed firms tend to take up corporate gifting mostly when some festival is approaching, e.g., Diwali, Christmas or even New Year. Some product-based companies like to gift what they specialise in or get something personalised with their love and regards from some other gifting firm. One of the different aspects of why firms opt for corporate gift-giving is their brand promotion.

On the other hand, the employees see their firm  the right way as they look after keeping their employees happy. If you are a business owner and looking for some low-cost desktop gift ideas for business promotion, then here’s a list of the same. You can take some cues and start your shopping.

  1. Cake – One of the easiest yet a choice able corporate gift, perfect for business promotion would be a scrumptious yet appealing pound of cake. You can choose to surprise your employees by getting a cake baked for them from some known bakery which would extend its efficient cake delivery in Bhopal or wherever your company is situated. You can get your cake personalised with the company logo and tagline; it will indeed be a desirable gift.
  2. Desk Lamp – No we don’t doubt that your workplace will have proper lightning, but desk lamps make a perfect corporate gift that helps every employee pull through their long, night shifts. There are many affordable options available online and offline; you can choose which one you would like to gift your employees as per your company’s budget.
  3. Desk Organiser – If your employee’s desk space is small and there are too many things which need to be incorporated in that space, then a desk organiser seems like a great gift. It will help your employees stay organised, and they will know where to look for certain things, the next time they are searching for them. You can ask the desk organiser dealer to have your company logo engraved on it.
  4. Executive Diary Pen Set – Are your employees unable to find or carry executive diaries and pens to attend meetings? Then, gift them an executive diary pen set to help them take down the meeting minutes and jot down other important things. It makes a great low budget gift which looks into promoting your company’s right name too.
  5. Personalised Calendar – Which date is it? Which month is it? Often, getting engrossed in the tasks allotted employees is pretty much clueless and asking their near and dear ones these questions. That is the reason you can choose to gift a table calendar filled with some company memories to your employees as part of your brand promotion.
  6. Desk plant – Employees often tend to lose their calm amidst the work pressure and meeting their deadlines. Having a desk plant is sure to help them calm down a bit. You can look for a jade, lucky bamboo or some succulent desk plant with some cutesy pot. You can choose to get the pot personalised with your company logo and name; it is sure to make an endearing gift.
  7. Hydro Flask Water Bottle – Sitting and working all day long makes your employees forget how important it is to stay hydrated and take water breaks, which is why you can remind them of this healthy drinking habit by gifting them a hydro flask water bottle. They can keep their bottle on their desk and be reminded to drink sufficient water every day at work; after all, a healthy employee is the greatest asset of any company. Isn’t it?
  8. Gourmet Hamper – It is said that munching improves the concentration of us humans while working. So, gift a gourmet hamper with a card that has been personalised with its dose of love and make it an ideal gift.

So, these were some top low-cost desktop gifts that can help you promote your business too. And the best part being each of these gifts are sure to fit your business gift margin.


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