Top 5 Beginner Advice for New Motorcycle Riders


Getting your first ride on the road can be both a thrilling and exciting experience for you. Ultimately, riding motorcycle is like entering into a whole new world full of excitement and adventure. However, having the right gear and awareness on the road can give you both confidence and an extra set of skills over time.

For new riders who are starting on their own, here are our top 5 pieces of advice that you should take care of in your mind at your initial phase of riding. These pieces of advice will help you get yourself ready for the ride with the perfect set of gears, training, and best and cheap motorcycle insurance.


  1. Take a Motorcycle Training Course

Since you have bought a motorcycle to ride regularly, it’s good practice to invest in Motorcycle Training Course. These courses will take you from scratch to the most advanced level, so you better understand your bike, how it behaves and key road safety.

In addition to this, these courses will also help you learn some life-saving tips and how to use your bike most efficiently. This advanced training will not only make you a good rider but will also help you maintain a strong visible presence.

  1. Choose the Right Gear

Choosing the right gear is as important as choosing the right bike, as this gear will is what will protect you from any severe injuries if something unfortunate happens. So, always follow the rule: ATGATT: All The Gear, All The Time. This means, always wear your safety gear for any ride, no matter how short, that’s how you will have a safe ride.

So, before you take your ride, don’t forget to wear your helmet and gloves. These gears will not only protect you but will also make you look cool while riding. So, don’t ever forget to wear your safety gear while riding. Since you are investing a hefty amount in buying your dream bike, don’t forget to take care of your motorcycle security to protect it against any potential motorcycle theft.


  1. Get Used to Your Bike

We know, you have chosen your bike after lots of extensive research. Since your bike is like your partner, you need to have a good understanding of each other. Get used to your bike and understand it’s every function for better performance. When you spend more time on your bike, you will learn more quickly. In this way, you will be able to balance it perfectly on the road and through the bends.

  1. Know Your Limits

The street is wide, you and your motorbike are eager for long ride. While a cross-country excursion appears to be a good thought at this moment, you have to consider your limits. New riders can find long excursions pretty tiring, so it’s smart plan to go on short outings from the start. Later, when you are used to your bike and gained more riding confidence, you are ready to stretch your limit and explore the horizon.

  1. Take it Easy

If you have never learned to ride a motorcycle before, don’t expect to ride perfect from the beginning. You need to learn this art by practicing lots until you get more road riding confidence. So, at the beginning stage, it is advised you find big and safe area away from traffic to practice slow control of your bike. Empty parking lots are the perfect practice place to have shot at practicing U-Turns, figure-of-eights, emergency stops etc. Use these practice sessions to get yourself familiar with every function of your bike and ultimately have safer riding experience on road.


So, hope you find this advice for beginners new to motorcycling helpful. There are lot of factors to consider while riding, but it is recommended to keep the above advice in mind as novice rider. Wish you a safe riding journey. Happy Riding!