Nissan ending sedan development in Japan


Nissan ending sedan development in Japan
Nissan will continue to develop sedans for other markets such as the US where the Altima is one of four saloon lines on offer

To cut its model count by roughly 20% by the fiscal year ending 31 March 2024, Nissan Motor will end development of new versions of all its sedans in Japan as sport utility vehicles make inroads into its home market, reported citing the  Nikkei.

This would affect all four sedan models sold in Japan, including the long-running Skyline which Prince Motor launched in 1957 before later being absorbed into Nissan.

Development of sedans for overseas markets will, however, continue.

The report said Nissan Motor would invest more in SUVs and electric vehicles.

Though the chip shortage has delayed sales starts in various markets, the automaker plans to start assembling the new Ariya electric vehicle in Japan some time this year and may eventually dedicate the factory to electric vehicles, the report said.



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