New Hyundai i30 Will Be the First Car to Get the Upgraded BlueLink System With New Features


This year, Hyundai Motor will update the BlueLink linked car network with a range of new technologies. The updated BlueLink system would feature improved driving assistance tools, including wired routing, last-mile navigation and advanced driver profile functionality, among others. The South Korean car manufacturer said that the new Hyundai i30 will be the first product to be updated, while the current BlueLink models will be revamped in Europe from September 2020.

BlueLink connected car technology was unveiled last year in India with Hyundai Venue, making it the first truly connected vehicle in the county. The platform is currently available in five Hyundai models – Venue, Verna, Crete, Elantra and Santa Fe. The system also includes several Indian-specific features, such as an organic language-based voice recognition system, while discarding other options, such as speed camera detection, offered in global markets.

Among the additional features, the updated BlueLink system will also feature a modern user interface that shows time, weather and, if the user wants, map guidance. The map UI also provides a option between three color schemes and improved dark night mode, plus various audible atmospheres. Other functions include linked routing, which is a web-based system that measures navigation, moving a powerful server inside the BlueLink cloud environment, rather than a car-based infotainment system. Hyundai argues that it offers more traffic state forecasting, more accurate arrival times and more accurate route recalculations.

There is also the Last Mile Navigation option that enables consumers to begin their trip to their final destination after their car has been parked. Once the engine is turned off, a pop-up appears on the screen to enable the last mile directions on the BlueLink mobile app. The program will now now allow you to build a user profile with two main accounts and a guest account. User Profile stores user ‘s vehicle settings in the cloud, such as the location of wing mirrors or their desired cluster configuration. Live Parking Information has also received a number of upgrades, with new parking type settings and availability. On-street parking and price information are now available in 43 countries, including all major cities – up from 75 major cities in Europe. Live filling station information still contains gasoline prices as before, which now displays them in various colors on the screen.

In addition, Hyundai ‘s developers have modified the POI website to allow users to check for a premium range of La Liste restaurants. Hyundai says the new system will also alert drivers 300 meters before they approach a speed camera on normal roads and one kilometer ahead on motorways (highways). The system can now also offer live weather updates every 20 minutes and customers can save their favorite city on the weather display. Customers can now search for an address or POI in one menu using the online “Free Text Search” info. In addition, POI search now has autofill features to save time for drivers to pick a destination.

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