Mixed fortunes for Workhorse as COVID-19 disrupts new orders


Ohio-based electric van maker Workhorse is on track to exceed plans to deliver hundreds of vehicles by the end of 2020. A flurry of orders during the third quarter (Q3) indicates growing interest in the start-up’s offering and electric delivery vehicles in general.

Chief Executive Duane Hughes opened the company’s November Q3 2020 earnings call by advising that an order for 500 trucks had been signed with Pritchard Auto Company, a US retailer that sells around 30,000 medium-duty trucks each year. The model in question is the C-1000 fully electric delivery truck, which is specially designed with a low floor to provide easy access for drivers when loading and unloading. It is targeted squarely at last-mile delivery applications.

The company has been hit by a spike in COVID-19 cases in Ohio

Additional orders also came through…