Why Honda Cars Are Likely To Be The First Choice in India’s Car Market


Honda Motor Company Ltd is a Japanese MNC conglomerate and is one of the most prestigious automobile brands in the world. It has its business network in different corners and nooks of the planet. The company deals in the manufacturing of motorcycles, automobiles, and power equipment. In the year 2001 Honda was acclaimed as the second largest automobile making company in the world. In 2015 Honda was declared to be the eighth largest automobile manufacturers of the world. Talking of the Indian market the sale of the Honda car models has created a record in every passing year, making it the most love automobile brand of the nation.

In 2019, Honda witnessed quite satisfying responses from buyers instead of an overall downfall of the automobile market in India. Every Honda model made a promising sale. According to Statista about 68 thousand Honda Amaze was sold in 2019. Similarly, for Honda City the figure was 29,000, Honda WR-V was 20,000, Honda Jazz was 10,000 and Honda CIVIC was 5,000 approximately. The figures indicate the popularity of Honda cars.

Honda has a great presence across the real and virtual sales platforms

The raging popularity of the brand can be estimated from the availability of the brand and its different models across both the real and the virtual sales platforms. The array of brand new Honda cars at Droom, an online platform for car sales, and the traditional authorized showrooms reflects the high demand of the brand and its models amongst the car connoisseurs of the country. So much so that every Honda car new launch is an event that creates a considerable stir in the market.

Reasons that sums up the popularity of the Honda car models

It has been found that every car lover looking to invest in a stylish and top-class performing four-wheeler invariably goes through the list of the Honda cars. There are plenty of reasons that encourage these car lovers to buy new Honda cars. Let us take a look at them.

  • Stylish and futuristic designsHonda is known for its stylish and fashionable looking cars. If you are looking to buy a luxuriously chic looking sedan then there cannot be a better idea than to buy new Honda cars. Sleek looks are blended with super cool colours to give an awesome visual effect to these automobiles.
  • Impeccable comfort The new Honda car models never fail to offer a unique and uncompromising comfort to its customers. The Honda cars immaculately balance great looks with super plush and lavish car interiors. Whether we talk about the seat fabric, the leg space for front and the rear seat, the internal power windows, the power steering, the quality of the air conditioning – everything reflects unmistakable panache.
  • Unflinching safety In every Honda cars new launch, the manufacturer persistently focuses on safety as well apart from looks and luxury. The brand pays maximum attention to the safety of the drivers and the passengers. This can be seen in the anti-lock braking systems, the passenger and driver airbags, alloy wheels and the powerful front fog lights. All of these elements are incorporated in the Honda car models to ensure the maximum safety of the car drivers and the accompanying passengers.
  • Unparalleled engine design and power In addition to great looks, super luxurious interiors, and a perfect safety system, the Honda cars also boasts of powerful engines. This is one of the aspects that provide the drivers with an unrestrained power while traversing through different terrains. Hinda engines are just perfect for Indian roads.
  • Great mileage Fuel efficiency is one of the aspects that help to attract a greater volume of buyers. This is precisely one of the aspects that have helped Honda to attract millions of buyers over the years. Whether petrol or diesel the Honda cars are known for being highly fuel-efficient and offer great mileage.
  • Reasonable pricing Competitive pricing is one of the winning attributes that help any brand from any industry. The brands in the automobile industry are certainly no different. From this perspective, it can be said that Honda has emerged as the market winner over the years. As compared to the features and specifications provided by the brand the prices of its cars are reasonable and attractive.

Honda is one of the leading automobile brands in India as it offers a unique blend of style, comfort, economy, power, and safety. Buying cars in India is still a considerable investment for the majority of Indians. Your investment in Honda is certainly the best decision – you will be 100% satisfied.