Hyundai Offers Extends Warranty Options For Kona EV


Hyundai Motor India announced on Thursday that it has launched new warranty plans for owners of its Kona electric vehicle.

Under the ‘Wonder Warranty’ program, consumers can opt for either 3-year unrestricted options or 4-year/60,000 km or 5-year/50,000 km options, Hyundai Motor India Ltd (HMIL) said in a statement.

Nevertheless, it added that the battery warranty remained valid for eight years/1,60,000 km regardless of the warranty alternative selected.

“In line with the response we have received for the electric SUV, we have introduced the Wonder Warranty scheme which elevates after-sales customer experience by offering them the freedom of choice and provide a complete peace of mind,” HMIL Director – Sales, Marketing & Service Tarun Garg said.

Both current customers have the option to chose Wonder Warranty to get the rewards without charging any additional charges, he said.

The Auto Major reported that it had assured the deployment of 7.2KW AC chargers in more than 50 dealerships in 30 cities for Kona customers.

Each Kona vehicle comes with a 7.2 KW AC charger to insure that it is charged at the customer’s residence within 6 hours and 10 minutes.

In addition, the automaker has launched vehicle charging facilities to enable customers anywhere to charge at any time in Delhi , Chennai, Mumbai and Bengaluru, HMIL said.

Portable chargers are also eligible for emergency charging service via a roadside assistance provider in Delhi and Bengaluru, she said.

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