How to Make Your Ride Look Great With Window Tinting


Plus, It’s Good for You and Your Car!

A car looks like a car looks like a car – but you can change that by customizing the aesthetics of your ride with window tinting.

Darkening your car windows also protects you and your car interior from the sun’s harmful rays while you drive, which can help you stay healthier and prevent damage to your dashboard, console, and seats over the course of car ownership.

Window tint comes in a variety of shades and is made of various materials, including some that contain tiny pieces of metal. The type that works best for your vehicle depends on the overall look you want to achieve, how effective you want the tint to be at its intended job, and how much money you’re willing to invest in window tinting installation.

Types of Window Tint
No matter which window tint you choose for your ride, it will change the overall look of it, unless you go with a product that’s perfectly clear (which still blocks UV rays).

Dyed window film is the most affordable of all options. It is essentially film that has had dye added to it during the manufacturing process. It is the least effective at blocking UV rays and can fade over time, so its main purpose is changing the aesthetics of your vehicle.

Metalized tint works by reflecting sunlight, heat, and UV rays. The film contains small metallic particles and is scratch resistant. However, these metal particles can interfere with your cell phone reception.

Carbon window film blocks almost half the UV rays the sun throws at you. It never fades, and usually comes in a matte finish.

Ceramic tint can be expensive. It uses ceramic particles to reduce solar heat and block almost all UV rays. The price tag is completely worth it when you think about all the benefits you get from it.

Four Things You Should Know About Window Tinting
Before purchasing window tint and having it installed, you’ll want to make sure you’re thinking about a few key things. Do your research before making an investment that could affect your vehicle and your ability to maintain it.

First, before you decide on applying window tint, talk to a professional at a local shop. You can find the most highly recommended ones in your area through Google by searching “window tinting near me” or asking for word-of-mouth recommendations from your friends, family, and coworkers. These pros can help you decide on the window film that’s right for you and help you understand the options.

Next, take a look at your state’s laws regarding window film. State laws can vary about how dark the tint is allowed to be. If you install a window film that is too dark, you can expect to receive traffic tickets about it and will have to remove it and start over again.

Then, you should understand that installing window tint is a multi-step process that requires precision and great care. If you plan to install it yourself, carefully review the instructions that come with your tint and watch installation videos online to get a better idea of how you can expect the process to go. Keep reading for more advice on installation.

Finally, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with how to maintain and protect your window tint. For example, you shouldn’t roll down your windows or clean them for at least 10 days after installing the tint, and you should never use an ammonia-based cleaner on your windows.

Advice Regarding Professional Installation
Many car owners choose to install their own window tinting. Truthfully, it does not necessarily require immense expertise. However, it does require attention to detail, patience, and great care. This is why just as many people turn to the professionals for installation.

If you decide to DIY your window tint, you should expect the process to take some time – upwards of hours per window – and anticipate issues that may crop up during your installation, such as bubbles or debris caught under the film. In fact, unless you have an indoor area free from dust and pet hair, you might not want to attempt window tint installation yourself.

Aside from clean and perfect-looking installation, professionals can also provide workmanship and product warranties. If anything should happen to your window tint, they will replace it for free. Generally, you do not get a warranty if you choose to install it yourself.

The Bottom Line
Window tint is one of the most cost effective ways to change the look of your vehicle. As a bonus, it also helps to keep it cool during the heat of the summer and to block harmful UV rays from the sun.

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