How To Choose a Windshield Camera


Windshield cameras are responsible for many of the viral videos you can find online showcasing unsafe practices, close calls and even important events. There are different types of windshield cameras and choosing between them can mean getting into technical aspects that you are not familiar with. To make the process easier, you will need to ask three questions: what do they do, what kind of features are there, and how are they installed.

What Do They Do?

In general, a windshield or dashboard camera will record the view from the front of your vehicle. This can help to determine fault in an accident or catching a thief if your car is broken into, but not every insurance company will recommend having one. Some different models will also have a side or back camera feeding video to a centralized storage unit. You can find windshield camera calibration East Baton Rouge Parish LA companies to help you set up the picture quality and angle, or even to help you install your camera.

What Kind of Features Are There?

The most important feature to look at when it comes to dash cameras is how is it powered. Some models feature a plug for your cigarette lighter while others will have a battery or capacitor. You can even find cameras that are designed to be hardwired to your vehicle battery.

Other features you can choose between include built-in screens and GPS, support for Wi-Fi and phone apps to share footage, or memory space. Most of these cameras will delete older footage when the memory is full, so finding models with a sensor to detect accidents or an option to lock in footage until you remove it can be helpful.

How Are They Installed?

The installation of dash cameras will depend on the type you get and how many cameras it includes. Most are designed to suction cup or glue permanently to your windshield, so it is a good idea to research the mounting laws in your area before installing it. If you are uncomfortable with DIY installation or buy a model that is hardwired to the vehicle’s electrical system, it is a good idea to hire a professional to do it for you.

Dashboard or windshield cameras are gaining popularity in the United States and those in law enforcement vehicles have been used to help determine fault in an accident. Installing these cameras in your own vehicle can help in cases of theft and break-ins as well as record any accidents you are involved in or witness.