Honda Activa 6G- Know About All the Features


Don’t trust the myth that scooters are never suitable for driving with mileage and expected performance. Scooters are best when it comes to the comfiest and safest everyday drive, in 2-wheeler for all ages.

The choice of the convenient everyday vehicle ends with Honda Activa. The company has always led its customers with ample Activa and 2-wheeler choice in budget. A recent report on Auto Hindustan Times came up with an update on Honda 2-wheeler sales of 3,21,343 units with the ending of March 2022.

Have you checked on Honda Active 6G? Not yet, then must look for its sturdy design and features if planning on an excellent range scooter. This is one of the best-selling scooters as it ensures a comfortable drive within the significant economic investment. 

The Reasons Why Honda Activa 6G Should Be Your 2-Wheeler to Buy in 2022:

There are many reasons that make the Honda Activa 6G scooter a crazy 2-wheeler for everyone to ride safe and comfiest. End your check on vehicles updates, including Honda Activa 6G at Droom.

 But still, some are detailed below;

  1. Trustable Brand Vehicle: Yeah! That’s true that Honda is a recognized automobile company for both 4-wheelers and 2-wheelers. The brand is leading in delivering vehicles that meet every customer’s needs, convenience and budget. Crores of consumers made Honda a company recognized automobile brand for generations.
  2. Reliable Features: Activa 6G Features are endless to check upon. Yes! The scooter comes with a combi brake system, making your driving safest at maximum. The installation of a seat opening switch, shutter lock, clock, analog odometer and speedometer makes it a more unique 2022 scooter.

This activa model also comes with external fuel filling and fuel gauge, which makes it fuel-efficient scooty. The development of Double Lid External Fuel Fill, ACG Silent Start, Smart Tumble Technology, Low Battery Indicator, Pass Light and ESP Technology, and tubeless tires make this scooter a good option.

  1. Reliable Engine Performance: Activa 6G is designed with a 109.2 cc engine that allows a seamless driving experience. The average performance with a smoother ride comes at 60km/hr. The engine is good as it starts with not much noise and never overheats and sustains higher-speed easily.
  2. Cost: The availability of Honda Activa 6G Price ranges between ₹70,134 – ₹76,938. The cost might vary within its model and color variants launched by Honda. You can check for Activa 6G Delux (DLX) and Honda Activa STD.
  3. Overall Specifications: The count on specifications again makes this scooter an economical and comfortable pick-up among buyers. The improved mileage of 45kmpl, max power of 7.68 bhp and max torque of 8.79 Nm give riders a smoother ride for years. The in-build specifications like 3-step adjustable spring loaded hydraulic rear suspension, automatic clutch, and 5.3 L (petrol) tank capacity let Honda Activa 6G a peak purchase 2-Wheeler.
  4. Convenient Customer Support And Service: Typically, Honda ensures convenient lift-up independent cover servicing. Even the roadside garage services in an emergency are what is possible with Honda Activa 6G. However, the dealers and service centers are widespread across the country, offering reasonable scooter maintenance solutions.
  5. Design And Quality: The incredible design and dimension make this scooty fledged 2-wheelers within budget. The scooter is segmented with a full metal body that gives it sturdiness and lasts for years.

The durable spare parts of the scooter give a maximum comfortable and safest ride, even in rough conditions. The perfect weight (107 kg) and dimension (1,833 mm L x 697 mm W x 1,156 mm H) with good storage capacity (18 liters boot space) offer excellent convenience to riders.

The Bottom Line:

For optimum mileage and comfortable drive, Activa 6G can be proven a satisfactory 2-wheeler in 2022. The company has claimed all reliable and necessary features to this Activa model that maximize the driving experience as the safest. No matter you are looking to buy a new or used Honda activa it will give you an amazing experience.

In fact, the lightweight ratio of the scooter is a powerful advantage, making it an excellent driving vehicle for teens, youth, women and adults. We hope all your doubts about the features and performance of this scooter are ended.

Just explore more to check specifications and compare with others in the same budget.

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