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What’s great about the GPS functionality these days is that not only is it GPS units that are so useful, but also many cell phones come equipped with full GPS capabilities.  The widespread use of cell phones makes them the ideal portable GPS devices, often equipped with all the latest technology to even be able to locate a lost person.  Coast guards and the navy find this sort of technology very useful. Outdoor sportsmen, hunters and wilderness explorers use their GPS to help them find their way into and out of trails.  No longer do nature lovers have to explore wilderness trails and keep track of their journey with markers on trees and rocks.  Modern technology makes it all so much easier and safer.

Fishermen use GPS to navigate the waters and there is GPS technology with the feature to track fish. Many resourceful fishermen have been using this technology for some time to:

  • Keep track of casting points
  • Be able to return to the same spot repeatedly
  • Be able to share GPS co-ordinates with fellow fishermen
  • Pre-plan their fishing trips
  • Obtain excellent patterning methods
  • Have the ability to find shoals

GPS is also excellent as a safety tool, It will navigate you safely even in bad weather and foggy conditions.  You can get lost and then easily find your way back to shore.

Should you have a ‘man overboard’ situation it can mark the exact location for rescue parties.  It can also be used to communicate to the coast guards a location should you find a boat in distress.  Emergency situations are quickly overcome, allowing you to navigate to safety avoiding hazards on the way.

Friends and family can keep track of your journey with Buddy Beacon.  You can pre-select the people whom you wish to have access to your location.

According to GPSWOX, trucking companies are also making good use of GPS to keep track of their fleets.  Mileage tracking gives fleet managers a report of the vehicle performance and when it requires maintenance.

Features to look for:

  • Easy to use interface
  • Points of interest (POI) in a database.
  • A detour function should you have to use an alternative route
  • Pre-loaded maps that cover your location and maps that cover locations you wish to visit.
  • Additional features such as being compatible with FM and MSN traffic to receive live updates of traffic reports. This feature will be on a subscription basis.

If you live in a remote area you must check if your area is covered.  Do this prior to purchasing.  This will avoid choosing a unit you can’t use because it does not have maps of your location.

Some units will have the Garmin “Where am I” feature for emergencies.  It allows you to call emergency directly from your units.  You can also save your present location and it will be able to locate essential services such as police stations and hospitals.

It is not only travelers who use GPS devices to track their journeys.  Some GPS self-guided touring units have technology that is far more valuable. Using their iPods or iPhones they are able to discover locations and attractions in areas they want to visit. Travelers are giving rave reviews of these applications.

Even better, they are easy to download.  Once installed on your phone you are ready to go.  You can get excellent advice on local attractions, restaurants and where to shop for the best bargains.  All information is uploaded on a regular basis so you know that you are receiving the most accurate and up to date data.  You can be assured you will get what you expect.

With the use of videos, slides and good narration, you are getting a visual and audio medium to help you make your choices.  You are also able to view your destination and its attractions prior to making your journey.  It means you can comfortably plan ahead what you need to bring and where suitable accommodation is available.

Hand held GPS devices or portable GPS can display pre-loaded maps onto a memory card or can be uploaded from a PC.  Maps that you can upload from your PC are often obtainable from CD-ROMS. Viewing your maps on the PC means you are able to plan your route by marking and creating the routes you wish to take.  Your selections are downloaded to your GPS device.  Some devices come equipped with memory cards which allow for more data to be made available.

Choosing a GPS device is a personal choice, but we recommend the one from TrackingFox.  There are so many different choices from those installed into our vehicle units to hand help or portable devices.  Search the internet or talk to your local suppliers and discuss your needs in order to find the right GPS device to suit your requirements and your pocket.

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