Cloud platforms will catalyse future mobility efforts, says Microsoft


Cloud platforms will catalyse future mobility efforts, says Microsoft | Automotive World

An increased reliance on software and remote connectivity is attracting big name cloud providers to the automotive space, writes Freddie Holmes

Major cloud connectivity partnerships are being revealed as opportunities to leverage vehicle data continue to emerge. An array of different stakeholders who might previously have been reluctant to share data on operations, testing or deployment are now coming together.

Cloud platforms can help software development teams to introduce new features and functions at greater speed and scale. They also allow parties outside of the conventional automotive space to better understand how fleets of vehicles are being used.

Microsoft is one of several cloud providers that is carving a growing presence in the automotive industry, and alongside its Azure platform, the company is also working on bespoke cloud solutions with automakers, suppliers and start-ups.

Cloud platforms will play a key role for development teams across the automotive industry

Connected, autonomous, shared and electric (CASE) mobility is generating new data streams, and development teams have been clamouring for new ways to manage all this information. Sanjay Ravi, General Manager of Automotive, Mobility & Transportation Industry at Microsoft, says the company is “accelerating the transformation of automakers” from traditional manufacturing companies to mobility services. This can be done by

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