Cities recognise the benefits of shared e-scooters, says Spin CEO


Following a troubled start, the e-scooter rental market is now booming. Once seen as the butt of a joke, scooting has become a popular alternative to driving, cycling, hailing a cab and even walking. The trend has captured the interest—and investment—of household names in the automotive industry.

In November 2018, Ford announced that it had acquired San Francisco start-up Spin, one of the more promising players in the sector. Despite conceding at the time that e-scooters were one of the more “novel approaches” to shared mobility, the automaker doubled down and has rapidly carved a leading position not only in the US and Canada, but also in a growing number of European cities.

Speaking to Automotive World, its co-founder and Chief Executive, Derrick Ko, outlined how the company has managed to build up its business even amid the pandemic, and why e-scooters too will soon adopt smart sensors and artificial intelligence (AI).

AI is being trialled to keep riders away from roads and paths they should not be using

What advantages does an automaker-backed scooter service have over some of the other players in this space? 

It’s all about shared values and vision. One of



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