BMW G 310 R, G 310 RR, G 310 GS contribute 90% to Indian sales


India accounts for 3.58% of the global sales figure, up from 1.32% in 2018.

BMW Motorrad enters its 100th anniversary year with the highest sales recorded ever with 202,895 motorcycles and scooters sold worldwide. Of that, India contributed 7,282 units and increased its share in the pie to 3.58% from 1.32% five years ago, before it launched the 310cc models. India’s growing importance in the luxury two-wheeler manufacturer’s global scheme of things can be seen in its increasing share of global sales. 

  1. 90% of all BMW bikes sold in India are the G 310 trio
  2. Over 24,000 units of the G 310 trio were sold worldwide

India pivotal market for BMW Motorrad

In India, as has been the case for the past four years, the G 310 series of bikes –  BMW G 310 R, G 310 RR and BMW G 310 GS – have been the biggest sales contributors and it was no different in 2022. BMW Motorrad India’s product portfolio received a new charge in mid-2022 when it launched the third member of the 310 series – the G 310 RR. The trio of 310s commanded a share of 90% of BMW Motorrad India’s motorcycle sales in CY2022. Other popular models in the Indian market are the S 1000 RR sportbike, R 1250 GS adventure bike range and the C 400 GT scooter.

Thanks to the G 310 series, the company recorded strong performance in the sub-500cc segment. The single-cylinder G 310 model lineup, which is manufactured by strategic partner TVS Motor at its Hosur plant, continued to enjoy unbroken popularity in 2022. Over 24,000 units of the G 310 series were sold worldwide – 7,282 units in India and 19,099 units exported.

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