5 Tips for Buying Royal Enfield Bike Insurance Online


Out of the different two-wheeler manufacturers in the country, Royal Enfield is one of the country’s most famous and prestigious companies. The company’s rich history and well-designed bikes have made them the preferred choice for many bike enthusiasts. Gliding down Indian streets on a Royal Enfield is sure to turn heads. The company is also known for providing a wide range of options for their customers who wish to purchase a suitable two-wheeler for themselves.

If you’re planning to purchase a Royal Enfield for yourself, it is important to make sure your prized possession is protected from unprecedented dangers. A Royal Enfield bike insurance will ensure your two-wheeler stays protected from unfortunate events.

You would have to visit your preferred insurer’s offices to carry out the purchase in the past. However, over the years, technological growth has impacted all industries, including the insurance industry. As a result, you can now purchase online insurance for your two-wheeler by directly visiting your preferred insurer’s website.

Five Tips You Should Follow To Buy Royal Enfield Bike Insurance Online

Purchasing bike insurance online can make the process of purchasing a suitable insurance plan quite easy. Following these tips will help you ensure your purchase is convenient and profitable for you:

  • Compare before you buy: Comparing the insurance policies available for your bike will help you learn about the different levels of coverage available for you. When you have a clear idea about the available coverage, you can make an informed decision.

Comparing insurance policies online becomes quite easy, as you have all the information in front of you. Many insurers like Tata AIG offer bike insurance calculators on their official website. This way, you will be able to get a clear breakdown of the premium amount while purchasing your bike insurance plan. The calculator can also help you compare the different plans efficiently.

  • Gather all the necessary information: The purchase of an insurance policy requires a ton of information from your side. If you’re planning to purchase bike insurance for your Royal Enfield, you must collect all the information you need before beginning the purchase.

The different types of information you will need are your personal details, valid ID numbers, bike registration numbers, engine numbers, chassis numbers, etc. Once you have acquired all the information required, purchasing the plan becomes a smooth and easy process.

  • Add-ons: Insurance companies offer you the ability to enhance your insurance plan’s coverage with the help of add-ons. By including an add-on in your insurance policy, you get additional coverage for specific situations by paying accordingly for including the add-on.

There are various add-ons available for policyholders, like the depreciation cover, pillion rider cover, etc., to offer added protection for your bike’s future. Including the add-ons in your plan can be quite efficient. However, you must carefully choose the add-ons for your bike, as every add-on comes at a cost.

Including many add-ons can lead to a steep hike in your insurance premium cost. Therefore, you must carefully evaluate your requirements and select only the add-ons you feel are crucial.

  • Provide accurate information: When you purchase insurance for your bike online, you must ensure you provide accurate information. Crucial details like your personal details, your bike’s Insured Declared Value and other details are important for your purchase.

For instance, you must provide the necessary documents for purchasing the Royal Enfield bike insurance. The documents you’ll need include your identity proof, address proof, nationality proof, income proof, bank statement and two passport size photos. Providing these documents will ensure a smooth insurance purchase.

  • Read policy details: You must learn about the policy details before you purchase the plan. Therefore, reading through the plan’s document will be quite beneficial for you. It will help you learn about your plan’s inclusion, extent and claim process.

Learning about the claim process for your Royal Enfield bike insurance policy can help you immensely during a tough situation.

Steps You Should Follow to File a Claim For Your Royal Enfield Bike Insurance

  1. Contact your insurance company or initiate the claim through their official website.
  2. Provide all the required details like your policy number, FIR information, driver information, personal contact information, etc. and file your claim.
  3. Once your insurer receives your claim, they will review the information and send the bike to a network garage for repairs, if required.
  4. The claim settlement will be processed depending on the damage your bike has faced.
  5. Once the bike is repaired, it will be returned to you.


Purchasing bike insurance for your Royal Enfield online can be quite beneficial for you. You can carry out the purchase from the comfort of your home. However, you must follow a few tips before purchasing to ensure you purchase a suitable and optimal insurance plan for yourself.


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