5 In-Car Tech Must-Haves


We all love making extra additions to the things we hold dear, and automobiles are no exception to this practice. Buying and equipping our prized vehicles with car accessories is a habit we all car owners enjoy. However, not all of these car accessories are just for show; some of these can truly enhance your driving experience and make it much more pleasant than it already is. Suppose you love planning road trips and enjoy long drives. In that case, the list we have prepared of the FIVE in-car must-haves will prove immensely helpful and will surely assist you in buying the right car accessories that will improve the driving experience of your vehicles.

Do note that this list isn’t viable for pimping up your ride with supersonic stereo sound systems or hot tubs, but the car accessories we have included in our list will prove their worth practically. These in-car techs will come in handy when you run into unforeseen problems during your long road trip or drive.

Personal Digital Assistant

According to well-researched statistics by Edgar Snyder, 1.6 million car crashes each year occur because of cell phone usage while driving. That’s a relatively high number. These minor distractions can lead to dire consequences that can very well put your life in immediate danger. Not just your own life, but the lives of your loved ones and the other parties involved in the crash due to your mistakes, those too you put in danger. But what can you do? Replying to texts, picking up your phone to attend an incoming call or making one, skipping to the song track of your choice, and other minor tasks are something we can’t avoid. The solution is simple. Get yourself a digital assistant capable of doing all of these minuscule tasks on your single voice command. Want to pick up the phone or change the music? Just speak the right words, and your digital assistant will do the rest so that you can pay undivided attention to the road and drive safely. This device that costs a few bucks can potentially save your life and thousands of dollars in the long run.

Car USB Charger

As discussed before, mobile phones have become a crucial part of our daily lives, and without them, our functionality takes a hit due to our high dependency on these devices. You plug in the phone for charging, but it doesn’t connect properly, or you completely forget to plug in the phone; both of these scenarios result in your mobile lacking the battery charge it needs to stay powered on throughout the day. When you realize this fiasco in the morning, it’s too late because now you have to leave for work. If you are tired of running into this situation over and over, then simply getting yourself a fast USB charger is the perfect decision. This little device is plugged into a cigarette lighter socket, and through a USB connector, it can charge up your phone to complete before your reach your destination, making sure you start the day with a full battery.

Laser Detector

Most car owners can relate to the habit of wanting to lay it all down on the accelerator when they come across an empty road during a long drive. It just provides a unique satisfaction and a pleasant experience which is hard to explain in words. But this habit is also the leading cause of getting a speeding ticket thanks to speeding lasers installed on the roads. If you are a victim of the desire to drive fast on an empty road and are tired of getting speeding tickets every other day, then we have the perfect car accessory for you. Laser Detectors. This advanced detecting technology can pick up nearby speeding traps using lasers to determine your speed and notify you accurately so that you can immediately get your speed under the limit and successfully help you avoid getting another speeding ticket. Getting this car accessory installed in your vehicle guarantees that you won’t be getting a speeding ticket any time soon since you will know which empty roads to drive safely on and which empty roads to speed on.

Dash Cam

If you are leaving for a daily drive or on a long road trip, you can never plan and prepare yourself for every possible turn of events that you will encounter. Accidents with other cars, vehicles, pedestrians, and other obstacles can most certainly happen, but not every time these accidents involving other automobiles or pedestrians are legitimate. People have been faking car crashes for years to get significant payments out of the victim being framed. If you want to protect yourself from ever getting caught in a fraudulent crash or prove your innocence in a legitimate car crash, then you need to get yourself a Dash Cam that records all of the events that take place on your road trip. The dashcam will provide you with all of the solid evidence you will need to win your case and prove that either the car crash wasn’t your fault or that the scam artist framing you for the damage done is a fraud.

Car Jump Starter

Leaving for a long road trip or even small ones late at night can be pretty dangerous if you haven’t made the necessary preparations that will get you out of problematic situations. One of these situations is a dead battery that cannot start up your car due to lack of charge. In this scenario, having a car jump starter in your vehicle can be a lifesaver because, at night, hardly anyone would be around to help you. Before leaving your house in the late hours, buying and equipping your vehicle with a jump starter should be your top priority.

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