2021 INMRC Round 2 results: Mixed fortunes for Rajini Krishnan


Some of India’s leading motorcycle racers like Rajini Krishnan, Jagan Kumar and Rajiv Sethu continued to make a strong impression at Round 2 of the 2021 MRF MMSC Indian National Motorcycle Racing Championship (INMRC) at the MMRT. However, several leading riders (including Krishnan and Sethu) were also involved in a crash over the weekend.

  • Krishnan leads Pro-Stock 301-400cc championship, despite crash
  • Kumar holds on to Pro-Stock 165cc lead

Pro-Stock 301-400cc

Having won both races in the opening round, Krishnan once again stamped his authority in the premier Prostock 301-400cc category in Round 2. He made his way up from a starting position of 6th place to win Race 1.

However, he couldn’t continue his dominant run in the next race as he crashed out on Lap 6 soon after making contact with TVS Racing’s Deepak Ravikumar. This allowed Anish Damodara Shetty to pick up his first win of the season.

Nevertheless, Krishnan continues to lead the standings with 75 points to Anish Shetty’s 63 points.


Race 1-
1. Rajini Krishnan (RACR), 11mins 21.868secs
2. Soorya PM (Rockers Racing), 11 mins 23.279 secs
3. Rahil Shetty (Gusto Racing), 11mins 23.414

Race 2 –
1. Anish Damodara Shetty (Race Concepts), 15mins, 09.769secs;
2. Ahmed KY (TVS Racing), 15mins 10.171 secs
3. Rahil Shetty (Gusto Racing), 15mins 10.310secs

Pro-Stock 165cc

The Pro-Stock 165cc category saw TVS’ Jagan Kumar continuing his Round 1 dominance into this round, too. He emerged on top of his battle with Honda rider Rajiv Sethu to win Race 1.

Deepak Ravikumar secured his maiden win of the season after winning Race 2. Sethu was eyeing a possible win but crashed after making contact with fellow Honda racer Senthil Kumar on the last lap and could only recover to 9th place. This allowed Kumar to finish 2nd, handing TVS a 1-2 finish.

As a result, Kumar holds on to the championship lead with 93 points, well clear of Ravikumar who has 67 points in total.


Race 1 –

1. Jagan Kumar TVS Racing), 11mins 46.731secs

2. Rajiv Sethu (Idemitsu Honda SK69 Racing), 11mins 46.778secs

3. KY Ahamed (TVS Racing), 11mins 47.691 secs

Race 2 –

1. Deepak Ravikumar (TVS Racing), 15mins 51.435secs

2. Jagan Kumar (TVS Racing), 15mins 51.828secs

3. Senthil Kumar (Idemitsu Honda SK69 Racing), 16mins 10.248secs

Novice Stock 165cc

Anfal Akdhar and Allwin Xavier scored hard-fought Novice Stock wins. Meanwhile, Ryhana Bee secured her second consecutive win the Girls Stock 165cc category. This season sees her return to racing after a year away due to an injury.


Race 1-
1. Anfal Akdhar (Rockstar Racing), 13mins 05.852secs
2. Allwin Xavier (Sparks Racing), 13mins 05.980secs
3. Sarvesh Balappa (Sparks Racing), 13mins 17.967secs

Race 2-
1.  Allwin Xavier (Sparks Racing), 13mins 01.182secs
2. Alwin Sundar (AS Motorsports), 13mins 01.218secs
3. Anfal Akdhar (Rockstar Racing), 13mins 03.516secs

Girls Stock 165cc Race 1-

1. Ryhana Bee (RACR), 10mins 58.929secs

2. Lani Zena Fernandez (Speed Up Racing), 11mins 01.217secs

3. Jagruti Penkar (Sparks Racing) 11mins 18.622secs

Honda Hornet 2.0 One Make Race

Moving on to the newly-introduced Honda Hornet 2.0 one-make championship, Kevin Kannan continued his winning streak, scoring victory in both races of Round 2.


Race 1 –

1. Kevin Kannan, 13mins 26.735secs

2. Alwin Sundar, 13mins 35.033secs

3. Rajkumar C, 13mins 35.134secs

Race 2 –

1. Kevin Kannan, 13mins 28.694secs

2. Balaji G, 13mins 29.169secs

3. Alwin Sundar 13mins 29.435secs

Idemitsu Honda India Talent Cup

Kavin Quintal and Prakash Kamath reigned supreme in the Idemitsu Honda India Talent Cup’s NSF 250R and CBR 150 categories. Both riders won all races in their respective categories.


NSF 250R Race 1 –

1. Kavin Quintal, 11mins 08.113secs

2. Mohsin Peramban, 11mins 22.860secs

3. Sarthak Chavan, 11mins 22.959secs

NSF 250R Race 2 –

1. Kavin Quintal, 14mins 52.563secs

2. Sarthak Chavan, 15mins 01.558secs

3. Geoffrey Reviven Emmanuel, 15mins 08.141secs

CBR 150 Race 1 –

1. Prakash Kamath, 13mins 14.859secs

2. Shubankar Joshi, 13mins 23.925secs

3. Johann Reeves Emmanuel, 13mins 27.157secs

CBR 150 Race 2 –

1. Prakash Kamath, 13mins 15.766secs

2. Johann Reeves Emmanuel, 13mins 28.042secs

3. Theopaul Leander, 13mins 28.204secs

TVS One-Make Championship

Navaneeth Kumar and Amarnath Menon picked up a win each in the TVS Apache Open RR310 category. Jinendra Kiran Sangave won both Rookie RTR 200 races, while Rakshitha Dave won the Girls RTR 200 race.


TVS Apache RR 310 Open Race 1 –

1. Navaneeth Kumar, 11mins 49.658secs)

2. Amarnath Menon, 11mins 50.606secs

3. Vivek Pillai, 11mins 50.729secs

TVS Apache RR 310 Open Race 2 –

1. Amarnath Menon, 11mins 51.317secs

2. Navaneeth Kumar, 11mins 51.778secs

3. KK Anandhu, 11mins 52.872secs

TVS Rookie (RTR 200) Race 1 –

1. Jinendra Kiran Sangave, 12mins 48.856secs

2. Chiranth V, 13mins 04.132secs

3. Shreyas Copparam Hareesh, 13mins 04.992secs

TVS Rookie (RTR 200) Race 2 –

1. Jinendra Kiran Sangave, 12mins 56.019secs

2. Vignesh Gowd, 13mins 02.618secs

3. Jagathishree, 13mins 02.922secs

TVS Girls (RTR 200) Race 1 –

1. Rakshitha Dave, 11mins 15.447secs

2. Renuka Gajendran, 11mins 30.442secs

3. Zigna Pamnani, 11mins 39.959secs



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